Hollyland LARK 150 Transmitter

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Key Features
  • For Hollyland LARK 150 Wireless Systems
  • Omni Mic/Transmitter + Omni Lavalier Mic
  • 3.5mm Microphone Input Connector
  • Easy to Use, Plug & Play Operation


Part of the Hollyland LARK 150 digital wireless system, the black LARK 150 Clip-On Wireless Microphone Transmitter is available as an individual component to expand your existing setup or to have on hand as a backup transmitter.

The compact clip-on transmitter weighs less than 1 oz and features a built-in omnidirectional microphone, making it simple to clip to a subject’s lapel or shirt for quick and easy, true-wireless audio. The transmitter provides a strong signal to the receiver (available separately) with less than 5ms latency at line-of-sight distances up to 328′. A two-way mute button allows the talent to conveniently mute the transmitter. The built-in mic offers an anti-vibration design with intelligent noise cancellation and the system uses smart frequency selection with FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology for a crisp, clear signal in the 2.4 GHz bandwidth.

For a more discreet look, mic up the subject with the included lavalier mic, plug it into the 3.5mm input jack, and clip the transmitter to a belt or back pocket. A furry windscreen for the lav is included. The transmitter features an internal rechargeable battery that will power it for up to 4 hours, and the battery can be recharged in the case provided with the LARK 150 digital wireless system (available separately). The case accommodates one receiver and two transmitters and also pairs the components for wireless transmission.

Professional Sound Quality

Built-in omnidirectional microphone with anti-vibration sound chamber design on the transmitter
DSP (Digital Signal Processor) intelligent noise cancellation
Lavalier microphone with furry windscreen is included for a more discreet appearance

Stable Wireless Audio Transmission Range

Less than 5ms latency at 328′ line-of-sight distance

Ultracompact Construction

Small and light transmitter weighs less than 1 oz
Charging case (available separately) that supports fast auto-pairing, upgrade, and storage for the whole system

Additional Features

128-bit encryption for security
Two-way mute button

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